Series One: Upper Monroe


A contributing factor to one of Rochester's most well-known nicknames, the Crosman Seed Company started business right on Monroe Ave. in the current Center For Youth Services building. Most of Upper Monroe actually held the seed beds and greenhouses of the company, and Charles Crosman's business thrived alongside George Ellwanger and Patrick Barry. Crosman Seed Company still exists to this day and you can buy seed packets at local greenhouses. Crosman Terrace is also named after the company's founding family.

Another facet of Upper Monroe is Pinnacle Hill, one of the four rolling hills of Rochester (Cobbs Hill, Mount Hope, and Oak Hill the others) and the tallest natural point in the city. Once home to St. Patrick Cemetery, Pinnacle Hill provides fantastic views of the city, as well as aggressive and technical trails for cyclists and hikers.

Lastly, an vestige of Upper Monroe is the Culver Road Armoury. Once home to an Army National Guard Cavalry Division and Army vehicle maintenance garage, the space has been recently renovated and expanded to include offices, restaurants, and retail space.

And with the Upper Monroe/Monroe Avenue shirt, we connect these three facets together. The shirt is navy blue to honour the historic colors of the Army National Guard Cavalry, the graphic is leaf green to recognize the contributions of the Crosman Seed Company for Rochester, and the graphic itself is a mountain bike to showcase the trails and activities at Pinnacle Hill.

The Rochester subway system traveled west to east servicing as much of the city neighborhoods as possible: Residents and visitors of Upper Monroe would jump on and off the Monroe Avenue station for access.

Unisex Cut:
Shirt Color: Navy Blue
Shirt Type: 50/50 Poly-Cotton Athletic Fit T-Shirt

Womens Cut:
Shirt Color: Navy Blue
Shirt Type: 50/50 Poly-Cotton Athletic Fit T-Shirt