Series Zero: The Lost Borough Monoline


Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Staten Island, Queens, Rochester? A lesser known nickname of Rochester, and a most interesting one, is The Lost Borough. Yes, the Lost Borough of New York City.

With the influx of immigrants to Rochester from all over the world, each new settlement became a unique cultural capsule of customs and traditions. Early on, immigrants from Ireland, Poland, Ukraine, Italy, and Germany settled within what is now Upper Falls and 14621: with the communities of Cork, Dublin, St. Stanislaus, Mount Allegro, and Baden Street. German settlers also created the early settlements of Frankfurt and Dutchtown, in present-day Brown Square and Dutchtown.

As years passed and neighborhoods established themselves, families moved on and new customs and cultures came to take root. Contemporary Black and Hispanic communities developed within northern and western neighborhoods, and while there is no official Little Havana or Harlem, there is strong influence in the festivals, food, and culture we enjoy today.

Fast forward to 1964 with the Rochester race riots: a violent episode in the city's history that saw a flashpoint from mixed identities and cultures trying to exist within the same spaces. The lasting effects of these clashes further evolved in the early 1980s with the rise of hip-hop, a new avenue for which to express identity and culture.

To represent this complex history, a vintage boombox encompasses the urban soul of our city. Look closer and you might be able to pick out simplified flags and symbols to represent the nations for which these people brought their traditions and customs, weaving them into the rich and complex fabric of the city we have come to appreciate and explore today. Each neighborhood of Rochester has a unique style and flavor all its own, and decades of community evolution past and future will continue to blend and integrate these flavors into a true urban borough, akin to any you'd find downstate in the big city.

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