Series One: East Avenue


Strolling along stately mansions and architectural gems on slate slab sidewalks with old growth trees, one can't help but feel the grandeur that is the East Avenue neighborhood.

The second home of Rochester's elite (after the exodus from Corn Hill), East Avenue is home to the notable residences of George Eastman, Dr. Henry Strong, Hiram Sibley, and Daniel Powers. These historic homes are commemorated by the color of the East Avenue shirt, an aged copper color reminiscent of architectural techniques and building materials expensive to use and elegant to see.

One VERY prominent resident of East Avenue who doesn't stay in the minds of most Rochesterians was Edward E. Boynton. You may not know his background, success, or contribution to our city, but you DO know his home. The reason? It was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. This iconic architecture style is represented in the color of the graphic of the shirt.

Another gem of the neighborhood, and there are many, is hiding in plainsight of a very distinguished garden, at the George Eastman House. The west garden, designed by Claude Bragdon, provides a visual treat of symmetry and natural beauty, with a sundial hand-picked by Eastman himself. The sun dial is adorned with constellation symbols, and was designed by Paul Manship. This may not be a household name to most art patrons, but you know his work as his portfolio includes the Woodrow Wilson memorial and Prometheus, the golden sculpture at New York City's Rockefeller Center. This sundial is the centerpiece of the East Avenue shirt.

The Rochester subway system traveled west to east servicing as much of the city neighborhoods as possible: Residents and visitors of East Avenue would primarily jump on and off the Culver Road station for access

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Shirt Color: Heather Lieutenant Green
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