Series One: Dutchtown - J.O.S.A.N.A.


The very name of Dutchtown speaks to it's working-class roots. 'Deutsch-town' housed the vast majority of German immigrants settling in the Rochester area, and also provided a very knowledgeable workforce for one of Rochester's more social industries: Beer. Before prohibition, and as a natural extension of our prowess as the Flour City, Rochester was home to several breweries serving up pints and shipping across the state and country. Standard Brewing Company, Rochester Brewing, Bartholomew Brewing Co., and Genesee Brewing Co all got their start with the help of Dutchtown residents. Being one of the oldest neighborhoods, it was originally much larger, stretching as far east as High Falls, and included the area now known as JOSANA (Jay and Orchard Street Area Neighborhood Association), it's own unique neighborhood but still rooted in Dutchtown history.

Standing triumphant spread across Dutchtown-JOSANA shirt is an imperial eagle, the national symbol of Germany, with hops and barley/wheat clutched in its talons. This symbolizes Dutchtown's German roots and brewing heritage and contributions to Rochester. The colors of the shirt and eagle are reminiscent of Dutchtown-JOSANA as well: a rich truffle to represent the special contributions of early German settlers, and a golden tan for the grains used in brewing. Also, with truffle being a shade of red and tan being a shade of gold, two of the three colors of the German flag are proudly represented.

The Rochester subway system traveled west to east servicing as much of the city neighborhoods as possible: Residents and visitors of Dutchtown and JOSANA would jump on and off the Lyell Avenue station for access.

Unisex Cut:
Shirt Color: Truffle
Shirt Type: 50/50 Poly-Cotton Athletic Fit T-Shirt